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Michigan is rainy! All the products we install on our clients homes, siding, roofing windows, have the primary function of protecting against water intruding into the home.

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Repair First Mentality

Repair or Replace

Cost: Gutters typically cost between $2,500-$5,000 for an entire home.

Smart Gutter Systems

Ensure water is directed away from your home. Proper gutters help minimize maintenance and eroding soil/foundation. We offer quality gutter protection solutions.

Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Seamless aluminum gutters allow for a stronger, more secure fit and a longer-lasting gutter system. Seamless gutters are also easier to install and maintain, as they don't require sealants or seams.


Gutter Protection can ‘help’ minimize maintenance

Gutters come in numerous colors and we can often blend them into the existing color schemes to make them less noticeable

One Big Pro - They help protect your home!


Gutters require maintenance

If not cleaned regularly the debris can back up water from the roof and damage your home

Cover visible parts of your home and affect the appearance of it

Gutter system

How it Works

We know this is a big investment. We've got you.

Meet With Us

An ACME Representative will meet you onsite to come up with a plan. 

Work Together

We will get you on the schedule (usually 3-6 weeks).

Get Started

Our expert installers will install (usually takes less than 1 day).


Gutter projects often only take a few hours. We do our best to schedule our jobs by size, type and location.

No Worries

A Project Manager and the Gutters Team will work with you through to completion. 

The answer is almost always yes. Check out this article.

Gutter protection is not a perfect solution but is a great solution to ‘help’ keep your gutters clean. Check out this article.

Are gutter guards worth it?

We make your gutters on site and can make them most any length. There are still seams at corners and downspouts.

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Our mission is to provide expert services to our clients, while fostering a positive and supportive workplace culture that empowers our team members to provide for their families and give back to our community. At ACME, we believe in Joy, Humility, Growth, Serving and Crushing Your Job. We strive to foster a positive and supportive workplace culture that empowers our team members to provide expert services to our clients. Our values guide us in delivering exceptional customer service, while also providing for our families and giving back to our community.

ACME Home Exteriors has been in business for over 60 years since its founding as ACME Roofing in 1957. The company has been passed down through multiple generations, emphasizing service and quality installation to earn an unbeatable reputation. Today, ACME Home Exteriors continues to provide the top-notch level of customer service and expertise.

ACME Home Exteriors is located in Okemos, MI, but we proudly serve the greater Lansing area. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional exterior home improvement services to homeowners in the area. If you're in need of roofing, siding, windows, or other home exterior services, don't hesitate to contact us.

We are a team of experienced builders and problem solvers. It’s not about selling a cookie cutter product or the latest greatest, it’s about finding a solution that works best for your specific home.

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Leaf Terminator

About the Vendor

Leaves and debris can cause some major chaos up in your gutters. Let us help you put an end to the mayhem with the most reliable residential gutter protection system.

Leaf Terminator

All leaf debris

Water will wash debris off roof

Filter system can handle larger volume

Extremely durable


Visual from the ground

Still may require some maintenance (This is our most maintenance free product)


Leaf Relief

About the Vendor

Homeowners choose Leaf Relief gutter protection for its effectiveness. Over 100 million feet of gutter have been protected with our patented design, which keeps leaves and debris out while allowing water to drain freely. A normal breeze is all it takes to lift debris away.

Leaf Relief Gutter System

Light debris, large leaves

Hidden just inside of gutter

Filter system can handle larger volume

Strengthen the gutter system


Doesn’t handle small debris like pine needles well

Will require periodic cleaning

Not recommended for heavy tree debris

Gutter Maintenance: The Key to a Healthy Home

It is vitally important to direct water away from your home to protect the integrity of your home over time. Water will slowly deteriorate a foundation. Without gutters, water will just drip around the base of the home slowly eroding the soil and eventually the foundation. We offer top-quality gutter protection options to help reduce the maintenance required.  

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