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Your windows do much more than just beautify your home-they also keep your home secure and help you regulate the temperature. If your windows are broken or installed improperly, you could be paying more on your energy bills and risking your safety. Reach out to Acme Home Exteriors today if you need new windows in Lansing, MI.

Are the windows on your commercial building in poor condition? We also handle commercial window installation work. Call us today for a free quote.

Choose us for windows that last

Choose us for windows that last

When you hire Acme Home Exteriors for window installation services, you can rest assured that your new windows will stand the test of time. We take every precaution necessary to make sure that your windows don't leak air or break easily.

How do we do this? It's simple. When we install your windows, we'll:

  • Take our time installing the windows properly
  • Apply premium-grade caulk and insulation to secure them
  • Use manufacturer-approved materials that are covered by a warranty

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